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Investment Tools & Opportunities

Diversify and grow your money with the best tools at your disposal. You can be confident in our track record of successfully brokered deals, whether you are looking for a short-term, high yield return or a long-term, real estate equity-based investment.

In the past decade, our investment partners have yielded returns averaging 8%-15% per year, with some deals yielding up to 48% annual returns. Our team’s unmatched experience and meticulously followed process make this possible.

Market Strategy

Actualize your potential. Acquire expertise and know-how from our team of professionals.

Committed to effective, responsive communication, 27th Investments has a proactive approach to management that ensures the operational and financial excellence of all our active investments.

With over 47 years and $100+ million dollars of combined experience across more than 300 deals, our team is well-prepared to assist. As an investor, you get access to the full rundown about the properties you’re invested in, so you can gain valuable knowledge.

Look no further for higher returns, 27th Investments can help you achieve your goals. Experienced in both passive and active investment vehicles, we can pair you with the right solution for your risk tolerance and comfort level.

Complacency has a cost. Avoid expensive mistakes by calling 27th Investments today. Resources to significantly grow your net worth could be yours.

Investment Growth

How hard does your money work for you?

Investors of all kinds can realize double-digit returns. 27th Investments utilizes different investment vehicles such as:

  • Gaming Projects
  • Automotive Refinishing Projects
  • Entertainment Projects
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Residential Real Estate
  • And More

Our team at 27th Investments can strategically invest available cash on hand into a wide variety of profitable projects.

Get a 12% Return
on Your Investment